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Push Pull Production was founded in 2016 by Andi Anderson


Andi has dedicated his life to music, and has built an incredibly unique and varied portfolio, honing his production, mixing and mastering skills along the way so you don’t have to. He has worked with Audio Machine, Warner Music Group, Tristar Records, Euphonios, BBC and many more. 


As an artist, we understand your role is to be as creative as possible, immersed in the process of turning emotion into music. Hiring Andi to look after your production, mixing or mastering will ensure you are able to focus solely on your craft as an artist. Not only does this significantly increase the quality of your records, it removes much of the tedious parts of the recording process enabling you to get excited and stay motivated. 


There’s a reason this is the way the music industry works, from truly independent artists to small indie labels, right through to the majors. Speaking of which, we are totally aware that different projects at different stages have varying budgets. If you’re on a major and want to give us a piece of the pie, then you’d be funding an independent producer, and in turn enabling him to further help other, smaller budget projects. Equally, if you are on a super tight budget, then reach out to us. If we see potential in your project we’d be happy to discuss options with you.

Services & Pricing

Production, Mix & Master

Track creation (where applicable*), vocal tuning, audio editing, track mix and master (Includes up to 3 revisions)



Vocal tuning, audio editing and track mix up to 50 stems (additional number of stems, please enquire) .WAV or .AIFF formats accepted (Includes up to 3 revisions)


Vocal Editing & Tuning

Up to 15 stems


Mixing Stems

Extraction of the stems from a production or mix


Digital Mastering

Mastering of one stereo mix (Format required: 24bit 44.1kHz to 96kHz WAV)


Instrumental Bounce

An instrumental version of a production, mix or master often required for sync


Additional Revisions

After the included 3


If you require any service that is unlisted, you are recently signed to a label or working to a smaller project budget, feel free to contact us to discuss this further.


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